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Amanda Winkler
Amanda Winkler Wink Yoga
As a yoga teacher with a dedication to wellness, I’m pretty mindful of both the food I put into my body and the activities I do to keep my body healthy and strong. Before I began my work with Erica, I was looking to refine the way I eat in order to feel more energetic and balanced. Upon working with her, I can absolutely say, I have received so much more than I bargained for! Erica has taught me that wellness is not just about eating healthier and moving more, but it’s also about creating balance and happiness in all areas of our lives. She coaches me on food, general health, relationships, time management, and my career. She supports me in all of these areas. Through our work together I feel tremendously more energetic and balanced. I would absolutely recommend working with Erica, no matter what kind of health changes you want to make – she provides valuable insight and support that will surely impact your life in major ways.
Christa Bache
Christa Bache Christa Bache Personal Training
Erica’s approach to holistic counseling is absolutely intuitive.  She sees the individual in front of her and immediately understands how to motivate and inspire her client at their current level and then implement a multidirectional approach to support their needs and goals. As a personal trainer in NYC for almost 15 years, I feel that I know a lot about health.   Erica taught me even more. After our work together, my overall diet is the healthiest it’s ever been and my exercise performance reflects this change as well.  It was wonderful to recently celebrate my birthday and to feel stronger and healthier than I did a decade ago. Erica inspires you to be your best self.  No matter where you’re starting from, she’ll guide and encourage you in a positive and supportive manner that is never judgmental.  She truly understands the journey and is the perfect person to help you attain a healthier you.
Shauna Bellow
Shauna Bellow NYC
Erica has changed me – mind and body.  Before consulting with Erica on my digestive issues and anxiety about life in general, I was skeptical. How could she possibly know what I’m going through? How could she understand my body or what it needs? I was so very pleasantly surprised by how patient, calming, and present Erica was throughout our whole process together. Of the many things I learned while working with Erica, some of the most important lessons were how to use my breath to remain calm in stressful situations and focus on mindful eating. Erica helped me to see the bigger picture and encouraged/reminded me to be thankful, present, and honest with myself.  Our sessions may have come to an end but I will continue to utilize all of Erica’s cooking tricks, life insights, and positive reinforcement in my everyday life. My experience with Erica was extremely personal and I trusted her every step of the way. I would recommend Erica to anyone who is looking for a balance in diet, mind, or life in general.
Elizabeth New Jersey
Before working with Erica I was unhappy with my eating habits and constantly worried about my weight. I used to eat large amounts of candy and find myself in a vicious cycle of guilt and dissatisfaction.  After 4 months with Erica, I started to feel happier, craved less sugar and enjoyed more whole foods. I no longer feel the need to binge and I have started to enjoy cooking healthy foods. When I look back at the moment I made the decision to start working on my health and overall well being, I notice how far I have come and how much I learned from Erica. I highly recommend working with her if you have ever struggled with binge eating, body image issues and weight problems. She truly understands how it feels to try losing weight and guides you through your own self-discovery.
Tony Montalbano
Tony Montalbano Horizon Wellness & Hypnosis
 When I started working with Erica, I was overweight, my energy level was low and I had trouble sleeping.  After two months on her Introductory Program, I have lost 16 lbs, have more energy and usually sleep through the night, feeling well rested in the morning.  The most amazing part about this program was that I never felt deprived or hungry. I am finally able to say goodbye to dieting, forever! Erica taught me to tune into my awareness and helped me understand what’s going on internally with my digestive system; allowing me to feel better. I am so happy I gave myself this gift and invested in my health and strongly recommend any of Erica’s programs, to anyone interested in improving their health.
Jenn Richie
Jenn Richie Brooklyn, NY
When I reached out to Erica I was a recently engaged, overindulgent, sugar-holic. I was terrified that I would not be comfortable in my skin or fit into my dress on my wedding day. Before I met Erica I was craving sugar all the time. Every morning at 11am and every afternoon at 3pm I reached for anything sweet; cookies or frozen yogurt or a mini candy bar in the very dangerously stocked work kitchen… I was almost back at my highest adult weight. I knew something needed to give. After only 1 session with Erica I saw immediate results. My breakfast changed from sugary yogurt and granola to a green smoothie. My whole outlook on food and cravings shifted. I found I was not hungry and after a couple of weeks, I stopped craving sugar and magically started craving fruit and water. Writing a food mantra, looking at recipes and deciding to try and cook was next. As Erica taught me, I am still a work in progress, but I am eating out less and saving money in addition to calories! Three months later, I have; lost 11 pounds, have a renewed sense of energy and mental clarity.  I was able to leave my sugar cravings behind and actually crave water, salads and my breakfast smoothie. I never would have guessed it! The best part is; that these massive changes were so effortless. Erica’s calm, compassionate support and open share of knowledge empowers me where diets and food program attempts in the past made me feel like a failure.  I highly recommend working with Erica if you are in need of careful guidance and looking for a better way to take care of yourself.  Because of her I was able to make changes I never thought were possible! I am so grateful for the support she provided me on my path to improved health and well-being, plus I have never felt better in my own skin!
Christy Tesmer
Christy Tesmer Milwaukee, WI
Working with Erica has helped me to be kind to myself, listen to my body and overcome the negativity my mind interjects into my goals.  I have been working with Erica for 4 months now and I am feeling a greater sense of self, decreased negative self-talk and increased ability to listen to what my body is craving rather than what my mind and outside influences are telling me. I am now educated on the right nutrition and I am more balance in all aspects of my day.  Erica is a wonderful, caring, kind sole and very interested in seeing others succeed.  If you are struggling with a sense of direction, a need for balance, and looking for education related to nutrition and how it all fits together, Erica is a great resource.  I highly recommend her services.
Joyce Molinaro
Joyce Molinaro Norristown,PA
From the minute I read about Erica’s story, I knew she would understand my struggles with weight and help me learn how to take better care of myself. I have been working with her for 4 months now. She has taught me that it’s not just about wanting to lose weight, but also learning to be mindful of what I put into my body and why. Her philosophy of focusing on gratitude every day has helped me come through a very difficult period in my life and allowed me to start taking better care of myself! Erica is always there for me when I fall, but her lessons always help me get back on track. She truly cares about her clients. Erica’s approach to health gave me the courage I needed to make some real changes in my life, something I am forever grateful for. If you are looking to break free from unhealthy eating habits and learn how to take better care of yourself, then Erica is the right health coach for you.