Ditch the Diet and Lose Weight

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Ditch the Diet and Lose Weight

The Weight of The Scale

For most of my life I have judged my self-worth based on my weight, and my weight alone.

I weigh too much, therefore I am fat and that’s why no one loves me.

I am always trying to lose weight. I am constantly thinking about what to eat and what not to eat. I have a love hate relationship with my closet and sometimes getting dressed is the most stressful and painful part of my day.

Recently, on my enlightened journey towards true health and happiness I have discovered that I have let the scale determine my success at achieving a healthy body image.

Every time I get on the scale to weigh myself one of two things usually happens. 1. I am in a great mood and feel good about myself because I have lost weight or 2. I am in a terrible funk for the entire day (or more) because I have not lost weight (this sometimes leads to self-sabotage or lack of motivation)

I decided to challenge this.

I decided to quit weighing myself, cold turkey. Not allowing myself to get on the scale, especially on days when I knew it wouldn’t reflect what I wanted it too.

Here is What I learned…

I Am In Tune

I am so in tune with my physical body that I don’t need the scale to tell me if I have lost or gained weight. When I try on my clothes, and they feel too tight, or don’t fit at all I know I have gained weight and vice versa.

Measuring My Success

Just because the scale doesn’t say I have lost weight doesn’t mean my body hasn’t changed. I can determine my success at achieving a healthy body image by the way I feel when I am being active or by how I feel in my clothes.

If I am unhappy with how I feel I will be even more determined to want to change it no matter what the scale says.

Work In Progress

Even after going weeks without weighing myself and feeling better about how I look and feel, I am still curious to see what the scale says. I decide to weigh myself, even though I already know that it is not exactly where I’d like to be. This is when I know I am a work in progress, just like everyone else.

Worthy Of Love

No matter what size I am I am enough. Even if I am overweight, or not in my ideal body image, I am still worthy of love. I must practice loving and accepting myself everyday.

This is perhaps the most beautiful discovery I have made! Seems kind of obvious, huh? Maybe not. If you have ever struggled with what the scale says I encourage you to think about how you determine your self worth. How do you judge yourself?

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