Nourishing Yourself

Nourish Yourself

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Nourish Yourself


Halloween has just passed, and it is officially the start of holiday season! I often hear from my clients how overwhelmed and stressed they are during this time of year. We worry about buying people gifts, attending lots of parties and over indulging. It is very common for us to gain weight during the holiday season, but did you know that most of us never end up losing those same pounds after the holidays are over?

This year I want all of that to change. I want us to enter this holiday season with a plan. I want us to feel relaxed and excited about the holidays. I want us to be able to enter this holiday season already having lost those extra pounds we are so worried about gaining.

Over the next few weeks I am going to share with you my secret and simple tips for reducing your holiday stress and preventing weight gain.


This week we are going to focus on Nourishing Ourselves For the Holidays!

All you need is LOVE. In order to lose weight and reduce your stress the answer is always love. You need to make loving yourself your #1 priority. For many of us self-care is considered taboo. We think we are being selfish when we spend time spoiling ourselves.

I am here to tell you that nourishment is the best holiday gift you can give yourself.

Nourishing yourself allows you to:

  • Feel good from the inside out
  • Reduces your temptation to overeat or eat emotionally
  • Helps improve your mood and self-esteem
  • Helps improve the relationships to those around you

Ways to Nourish yourself:

  • Eat healthy
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise
  • Slow down and stay present
  • Focus on the positive and don’t criticize yourself
  • Express gratitude
  • Spoil yourself; do something just for you
  • Take lots of bubble baths 
  • Get a message
  • Try something new

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Nourishing Thoughts

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Nourishing Thoughts

This past weekend I attended an IIN conference at the Rose Theater Hall in New York City. For those of you that don’t know IIN stands for The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. This is the school that I attended this past year and received my training and certification as a holistic health counselor. This is also the school that literally changed my life!

Before I attended IIN I was simply unaware. I was unaware that my mind, body, and spirit are so powerfully connected. I was unaware that we all have the power to heal ourselves. I was unaware that my higher self even existed. I was unaware that my life actually has a purpose.

In the spirit of giving and spreading love, I have decided to write this week’s BLOG with the intention of sharing some of the knowledge that I have learned.

Here are some of my biggest aha moments from the weekend.

Adopt the pace of nature, she has patience”- Emerson

We need to cherish each moment that we have and remain as fully present as possible. Life only exists in the present moment. This begins by practicing patience and slowing down to really live in the here and now. 

Be The Sun, Always Shine Your Light

The sun doesn’t care if the flowers bloom, it comes out no matter what because that is its purpose.  Always shine your light from within so that others can see your gifts. It is your job to live your purpose. 

Don’t Hide Your Wounds

We are all wounded on the inside. Share your wounds with others and show your vulnerability. When you share your wounds with others, you are no longer held prisoner by them. Whatever makes you vulnerable is also your biggest strength. 

When Your Body Functions Better, Your Mind Functions Better

When you fed your body nourishing food you are also feeding your mind. When your mind is clear you are less distracted and affected by the world. You have the ability to make transformational change that can release the old negative patterns. This is when you can truly tune into that inner knowing, higher self, intuition.

Everybody Has The Natural Ability To Heal

Our bodies are made perfect, with the ability to heal. If our bodies have the natural ability to heal then we also need to learn how to tune into our bodies more. Listen to the signals that your body sends you. No one should experience pain.

Don’t Think About What You Are Losing, Think About What You Are Gaining

Often times when we want to make a transformational change we always think about what we are going to have to give up. People don’t want to go on diets because they are afraid they will have to give up their favorite foods. Don’t let fear run your life. Think about what you will gain. How do you want to feel?

Focus On How To Eat, Not Just What To Eat

Mindful and relaxing eating is key to any health and wellness plan. If you want to improve your digestion and lose weight start by thanking your food before you eat it. Slow down your chewing process. Savor every bite.

Love Is All You Need

In order to feel good all you need is love. In any situation always come from a place of love. How you feel is up to you, don’t let anyone dictate your feelings. Come from a place of giving, not getting. Come from a place of gratitude, not regret. Come from a place of I can, not I can’t. Always be yourself.


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Chance For Renewal

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Chance For Renewal

Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”- Bruce Lee

Today is Yom Kippur. It is one of the most important days in the Jewish religion. The name “Yom Kippur” means “Day of Atonement,” and that pretty much explains what the holiday is. It is a day set aside to “afflict the soul,” and atone for the sins of the past year.

It is pretty well-known that you are supposed to refrain from eating and drinking (even water) on Yom Kippur. It is a complete, 25-hour fast beginning before sunset on the evening before Yom Kippur and ending after nightfall on the day of Yom Kippur. Depending on your religious observance, additional restrictions that are less well-known such as, washing and bathing, anointing one’s body (with cosmetics, deodorants, etc.), wearing leather shoes are also prohibited.

According to the dictionary the word “atone” means to “make amends or reparations”.

The two questions I ask are: what are we making amends for? To whom are we atoning “our sins”?

I like to view Yom Kippur as a day of rebirth. If you think of every moment in everyday as a way to renew, then all of your mistakes or “sins” as the case may be, can be an opportunity for growth. I am not asking God for forgiveness today, but rather the universe or my higher self for my mistakes of the past year.

Here are some simple steps to take in the process of renewal.


It all begins with awareness. First you must become aware of your mistakes. Once you become aware of your mistakes you are already on your way towards making a change. In each mistake you make there is an opportunity for growth and change to occur.


After you are aware that you need to make a change, simply acknowledge it. Don’t try to resist or deny the mistake. If you resist or deny too much the same mistake will keep occurring. 


When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” -Rashaski

This is perhaps the most difficult step in the process of renewal. After you acknowledge the mistake be with the mistake. Feel what it is like to make a mistake. If you are angry, be angry. If you are sad, be sad. If you are happy, be happy.


The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”-Ghandi

In order to really renew we must learn to forgive. When we do not forgive then we stay stuck in the past and don’t ever learn how to let go. Staying stuck means we are not moving forward and therefore never completing the process of renewal. This is the most important step in the process. If you learn how to forgive, then you learn to let go.

Once you have forgiven and are able to let go of the mistake, then you are able to renew. In every moment we are given this chance of renewal. I choose to take this day of Yom Kippur and reflect on who I need to forgive and what I need to forgive them for, even if that person is me. I know that if I can practice the art of letting go and forgive myself then I can truly be reborn and have the chance to start again. I am grateful for this opportunity year after year, day after day, moment by moment.


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How To Cultivate Happiness

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How To Cultivate Happiness

Nobody else knows your reason for being. You do. Your bliss guides you to it. When you follow your bliss, when you follow your path to joy, your conversation is of joy, your feelings are of joy — you’re right on the path of that which you intended when you came forth into this physical body ~ Abraham

We all want to feel happy. Call it bliss. Call it joy. Call it nirvana. We can cultivate happiness by asking ourselves what nourishes us? What brings us joy? What makes us feel alive?

I have recently become enlightened. I am enlightened because I am aware. I aware that I create my own destiny. I am aware that my mind, body, & spirit are deeply connected. I am aware that I can cultivate better relationships in my life by cultivating the one with myself first. I am aware that in order to gain a true sense of self I need to love and accept myself. Love and acceptance is the key to obtaining true enlightenment.

How To Cultivate Happiness

Eat and Drink Healthy

By now we all know how important it is to eat our fruits and vegetables, eat whole grains, and drink plenty of water, but what if I told you that the more healthy you eat the happier you become. Vegetables and fruits are filled with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, and even help protect us against cancer and stroke. Dark leafy vegetables have also been proven to improve our moods and make us feel lighter. When you begin to incorporate these foods into your daily diet, and slowly eliminate any processed toxic chemicals from your system you will begin to develop an inner glow.

Move Your Body

We all know the importance of exercise. It helps us loose weight, increases our energy, decreases stress, enhances our immune system, and helps protect us against heart disease and cancer. Plus it helps improve our mood.  The “adrenal rush” one often gets when they workout is from the body’s release of endorphins. Not too mention how good you feel from looking better in your body. I know that after I have a really great workout, whether its a spin class or yoga class, I always feel “blissed out”.

Practice Mindfulness

The Practice of being fully present in each moment is called mindfulness”~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Being mindful means being present. If we practice mindfulness in everything that we do then we can achieve true joy. That means being mindful in the steps we take. Being mindful in our relationship with others. Being mindful in our relationship with nature.  Being mindful in the food we eat. Being mindful in the work we practice. Being mindful of all that we have and all that we are.

Practice Generosity

The more happiness you want to feel the more generous you should be with others. When we are generous with our time, energy, or even money the better we feel on the inside. The better you feel on the inside the happier you will be. Practice generosity with others by doing some volunteer work, help a blind person cross the street, buy a homeless person something to eat. When we see the way our generosity impacts the others it can be a very powerful and rewarding experience. Start practicing generosity. Begin with yourself.

Practice Patience

Practice patience. Start with yourself. Do you rush everywhere you go, never stopping to appreciate your surroundings? Do you get frustrated when things don’t go the way you expect them to? Do you take time to enjoy your food? Do you feel you never have enough time in the day to accomplish all that is on your “to do list”? Being patient means being understanding. Being patient means slowing down and appreciating. Appreciating your breath, your heart, your smile, your relationships, your work,  and your successes. Being patient means being happy.

Focus On The Positive

Daily practices of gratitude are a proven psychology to achieving more happiness. Accessing our mind and consciousness is a powerful tool in cultivating happiness. When we can change our negative thoughts and belief patterns into positive intentions they begin to disappear. Focusing on the positive makes more space for happiness. Start a daily gratitude practice by making a list of all that you are grateful for. Start with at least three things. Increase your list everyday even if you are repeating the same ones. I like to do this at the end of my day and reflect on what I have accomplished. 

I hope you are beginning to sense a pattern here, the more we take care of ourselves and those around us, the happier we become. Accessing our consciousness is a powerful tool in cultivating happiness. Start being mindful. Slow down and appreciate your surroundings. Practice generosity with strangers and loved ones. Be grateful for all that you are and all that you have. Most important remember that it all starts with you. The more you nourish yourself from the inside out, the more happiness you cultivate.



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Cultivate Nourishment

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Cultivate Nourishment
You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection
- Buddha

I Experience Love wherever I go.  This has been one of my many new affirmations.  I repeat that to myself often throughout the day.  To experience love we must give love.  Giving love starts with yourself.  Loving yourself starts within.

Today most of us live such busy lives that we barley have time to love ourselves.  We don’t give ourselves permission to pause and do something just for us.  We are afraid that we are being selfish.

Wake up. Shower. Coffee. Work. Eat when have a break. Gym. Home. Dinner. T.V. Bed.

Nine months ago that is what my typical day used to look like.  Nine months I quit my job.  Nine months ago I left my old ways behind and started creating a life that I wanted.  I knew there was something more waiting for me.  I knew I didn’t have to stay stuck in my old ways of thinking, feeling, or doing.  That was when I became aware.

Wake Up. Lemon water. Get dressed. Meditation. Exercise. Shower. Breakfast. Work. Lunch. Work. Write. Dinner. Read or T.V. Bed.

That is what most of my days look like now.  I never thought I could have my ideal day almost everyday.

I make self care a regular part of my day.  I exercise with movement that I enjoy.  I eat nourishing food and cook often.  I meditate and write whenever I can.  I treat myself to massages, acupuncture, and get regular manicures and pedicures.  I take extra long showers.  I no longer numb my feelings with T.V. or alcohol or food.  That is how I love myself.

The question is how do you love yourself?  What do you do for yourself to cultivate nourishment?  I am not telling everyone to go out and quit their jobs, unless you are miserable.  Then it can be quite empowering.  What I am telling you is that loving yourself should be your #1 priority.  Whether its taking a hot bath at the end of a long day, or, reading that book that you are always too busy for, or, treating yourself to a massage.  You need to cultivate nourishment.

When you are loving yourself and cultivating nourishment you will find that you are in a better mood and all seems right in the world.  You will find your relationships with others have improved and you feel more confident with your place in the world.

So go ahead and do something selfish, after all you’re worth it. I support you.


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