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5 Simple Steps to Weight Loss!

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5 Simple Steps to Weight Loss!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. There is something about the air that I love to breathe. Fall is a great time of year to create positive and healthy changes and set some goals before the holiday season approaches. Yes you read that right. Use this time of year to decide how you want 2017 to go. Now don’t go into a panic New Year’s is still a few months away, but how great would you feel if you established your game plan now.

Are you feeling stuck? Perhaps you indulged a little more then you wanted to this summer season and are feeling guilty. Maybe you can’t seem to take off those stubborn 10 lbs or its possible you find yourself feeling frustrated because you can’t seem to stick with a weight loss plan that has lasting results.

Don’t panic! Here are some simple steps to help you get started:

Set a Goal

Get clear on what you want to achieve. Think about how you want to feel and be specific. Declaring that you want to lose weight is not specific enough. Perhaps you want to feel better about your body or fit into a pair of jeans better. The more specific you are, the better. Once your intention is clear write it down and post it somewhere you will see it everyday. For example: “By the end of December I want to feel more physically fit and be able to fit into my size 8 jeans”

Take Positive Action

What are you going to do to achieve your goal? Now you’ll want to create a positive action step in achieving this goal. If you want to feel more physically fit, then it would make sense to take action in the form of movement. For example: “Starting on Nov. 9th I will perform cardio activity 4 times per week for at least 30 minutes and practice yoga 2 times per week” Make sure you make your goal achievable for you! What is realistic for you?

Get Rid Of The Excuse

We all have excuses. The most common ones being, I don’t have time, it’s never going to work so why bother. I am too fat anyway. It’s really hard for me to lose weight. The list goes on and on. I encourage you to think of all your most common excuses. Write them down and make a list. Then call yourself out on them. Excuses are just our own way of self-sabotage and they hold us back. If we keep using excuses to hold us back we will continue to stay stuck.

Use An Accountability Partner

Share your intentions with friends and family. Hold each other accountable for achieving your goals. If you want to go to the gym more or take up yoga, have a friend call you two or three times a week to check on you or invite them to join you. If you don’t have anyone who you feel comfortable in this role then reach out to me to set up a FREE Break Through Session. I am a great accountability tool.

Reward Yourself

Set up a reward system for yourself (and your accountability partner). Once you have achieved your goal for the week, schedule a massage or go out for a healthy & delicious meal that someone else has prepared. Once you hit a big milestone, like fitting in to those jeans; perhaps your reward is even bigger. What makes you feel good?

So there you have it. 5 Simple Steps to creating a healthy weight loss plan that works…I promise. The most important thing to remember is your intention. What do you want to achieve? How bad do you want it?


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Try Something New…I Dare You!

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Try Something New…I Dare You!

To get something you’ve never had, you must be willing to try something you’ve never done”- Thomas Jefferson

Summer is almost here! I know technically it is till a few weeks away, but the sun is shinning, the birds are singing and the flowers are finally blooming! Do you notice how everything seems promising? The longer days give you more energy, making you feel like it’s possible to achieve all your desires and dreams. Why not harness this energy, ride the wave and try something new?

Throughout the year we live at an intense pace (physical, emotional and mental), and we often get stuck in routine, either for the sake of efficiency or out of fear of unfamiliar territory. The lack of variety in doing the same things over and over stagnates not only our minds, but also our bodies and hearts. Are you hesitant to break your routine? Fear and excitement have the same physiological expression in our bodies; it is our mind that classifies the feeling as either positive or negative. So the next time you consider a change in routine and your mind says “scary!” see if you can re-frame it as “exciting!”

What is something you have never done before or that you have wanted to do for a long time? Choose your own adventure: organize a road trip, take a dance class, do some exotic traveling or set a goal for a new personal challenge. Or try something simple, like playing tag with your kids or reading in the sunshine. Maybe it’s time to discover a new vegetable dish or to visit a new town, restaurant or beach.

Whatever adventure calls to you, use this time of year to make it happen and enjoy your life. Increasing new experiences and excitement in your life can decrease your dependence on artificial stimulants like caffeine and sugar, leading to more vibrant health. Watch out for massive improvements in physical well-being, mental acuity and motivation.  As always, I’d love to hear from you, so be sure to write to me and tell me what new experiences you’ve tried this month!



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How To Stay Committed To Your Health

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How To Stay Committed To Your Health

True kindness has no calories. True kindness is deciding right now that you deserve to respect and honor yourself — here, today, no matter what.  When you make your food choices with that sort of kindness, your whole life becomes a feast.”- Geenen Roth

We all know the basic rules to being healthy and losing weight. Eat less, exercise more and incorporate more whole foods into out diet (or at least that is the simple way to look at it).  So why is that the weight loss industry is a billion dollar business? Companies spend millions and millions luring you to try the latest diet (low carb, high protein, low fat, no fat, you name it) with promises that this will (finally!) be the solution—your shortcut to a thinner body.

The ironic thing is that most diets set us up for failure from the beginning. Our culture touts diet pills, celebrity workouts, convenience foods and trendy diets to help us achieve our desired weight, but these quick-fix solutions have backfired. America’s population has reached its highest weight in history. The World Health Organization estimates that nearly two-thirds of all American adults are overweight and 34% of Americans are clinically obese.

Why? What Has Happened Here?

Diets don’t work because each person is unique, with different needs based on gender, age, ancestry and lifestyle; how could one diet be right for everyone? Diets don’t work because they are extreme solutions. Diets don’t work because they are too restrictive.

People who fail on diet plans are not flawed or weak.

Diets by nature require discipline and restriction at levels that are unsustainable by a healthy human body. Most people are disconnected from why they gain weight and see diet as the only culprit. For example, ignoring or discounting emotions is often the first thing to cause weight imbalances.

So What Can We Do About This?

Get Rid of the Excuses

We all have excuses. The most common ones being, I don’t have time, it’s never going to work so why bother. I am too fat anyway. It’s really hard for me to lose weight. I don’t have any willpower. The list goes on and on. I encourage you to think of all your most common excuses. Write them down and make a list. Then call yourself out on them. Excuses are just our own way of self-sabotage and they hold us back. If we keep using excuses to hold us back we will continue to stay stuck.

Think About Your Why

Ask yourself what it is that you want to change and WHY? Losing weight is not specific enough. Perhaps it’s that you want to feel better about your body or feel sexier in your skin. Maybe you want to fit into your clothes better or get into better physical shape. The more specific you are, the better. Once your intention is clear and you know what your WHY is, write it down and post it somewhere you will see everyday. For example: “I want to feel sexier in my skin and be more confident about my body.”

Love Yourself

Get rid of the negative self-talk. Are you a perfectionist, always saying “I am not good enough”? Having a negative opinion about ourselves can have a huge impact on who we are and what we do. Before we can attempt to change our negative habits we need to love and accept ourselves just as we are, flaws and all. How can you choose to love yourself today?

Be Positive

Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Ask yourself how do I WANT to feel? If you want to feel good then think good thoughts. When you put positive thoughts into the universe and follow through with positive actions you will see positive results. Begin each day with a loving positive thought about yourself and your life! “I accept myself and create peace in my mind and heart.”

Practice Patience

Any lifestyle change you make to accomplish your goals will take time. In order to make positive changes that last a lifetime we must do it slowly. This requires patience.Everyone loses weight at different rates. If we give up or lose motivation we will never achieve our goals. It takes hard work and discipline, but it also takes time. Life is long, what’s the rush?

There is no Such Thing as Failure

We all think that if we don’t lose weight or enough weight or even stick with our diet long enough that we are a failure. Failure is just an opportunity for growth. With every mistake comes a chance to learn. If you are struggling or having a hard time or find yourself giving up, return to your WHY and ask yourself if  the risk is worth the reward. Is what your doing worth a little hard work, determination and letting go? Aren’t you worth it?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a quick fix; you already have everything you need to know. With careful thought and loving reflection, you can feed yourself in a nourishing way. Working with your body rather than against it will bring you increased energy, stabilized weight and sustainable health.

Given half a chance, your body will balance out by itself, but this is only possible by getting out of the diet mentality and listening to what you truly need. Imagine taking all of the time you spend thinking about diets, food, fads and gimmicks and turning it inward, so that you can listen to your heart and inner wisdom. What are you going to do with all that extra time? Write to me and let me know!


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My Five Favorite Foods For Spring

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My Five Favorite Foods For Spring

I can’t believe another month has passed and April is here!  I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring!  After this cold and dreary winter Spring can’t get here fast enough.  As I mentioned last month now is a great time to cleanse our bodies, minds and spirits.  Think greens, raw fruits and vegetables and minimal processed foods.

For this month’s Blog I have decided to keep it simple and focus on the food.  Here are my Five Favorite Foods to incorporate into your diet for Spring and Why…


There are two main colors of asparagus – white and green. White asparagus is not a separate variety; it is white because it is grown completely underground so that no chlorophyll develops. Green asparagus, which is either purely green or has green stalks with purple tinged leaves is sold in a range of sizes from very thin pencil asparagus to thick and juicy jumbo size. From a nutritional standpoint asparagus has a lot to offer. It is a good source of vitamin C, thiamin and riboflavin and an excellent source of folate. It also provides protein and fiber. Perhaps most importantly asparagus is high in cancer fighting antioxidants. Try them grilled or roasted.


Peas are an excellent source of Vitamin K, folic acid, and Vitamin B6, important for combating osteoporosis and atherosclerosis by reducing the buildup of homocysteine molecules. Peas are a good source of other B Vitamins as well, such as thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), and niacin (vitamin B3). These help regulate lipid, carbohydrate and protein levels. Peas contain a fair amount of Vitamin C, which is our body’s main antioxidant protection against viruses and diseases, and perhaps even some cancers.  When Spring peas are fresh I like to throw them in my salad for extra crunch and sweetness.


Spring is the best time of year to eat spinach, a crop that loves warm days and cold, nearly frosty nights, which bring out its natural sugars. In addition to being a great source of vitamin C and folate, two nutrients that strengthen your immune system and ward off allergies, spinach is also rich in a compound called betaine, which has been found to boost exercise performance. And if you think only carrots can keep your eyesight healthy, think again. Spinach contains lutein and zeaxanthin, two phytochemicals that may help prevent age-related macular degeneration, one of the leading causes of blindness.


Sprouts of all varieties contain the building blocks of life in the form of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and simple sugars. In their early growth state, sprouts are very easy to digest, allowing our bodies to access many wonderful nutrients. Recent research by the American Cancer Society has backed what holistic nutrition has known for years: that sprouts contain anti-cancer properties, high levels of active antioxidants, concentrated amounts of phytochemicals and significant amounts of vitamins A, C and D.


Radishes are extremely nutritious! As members of the cruciferous family of vegetables; radishes help our bodies fight cancer and aging. Along with anti-oxidants, radishes contain nearly a third of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C. They are low in fat and calories, and contain small amounts of fiber, iron and even calcium. Don’t forget about the leaves! Radish leaves contain more vitamin C, calcium and protein than radishes themselves. Toss the leaves into a pesto, stir-fry, or your next smoothie.

So there you have it, my five favorite foods for spring. When we eat foods that are local, fresh and in season, we help our bodies achieve balance. We help reduce our cravings and strengthen our immune systems. We help nourish the body with what it really wants and needs. Eating foods that are in season helps us get closer to achieving that optimum state of wellness and after all, isn’t that what we all want to achieve?


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How To Drop That Winter Weight

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How To Drop That Winter Weight

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, & spirit.  When one is free of physical disabilities and mental distractions, the Gates of the soul open”- B.K.S Iyengar

March is upon us, which means spring is right around the corner, thank goodness. This past winter has been particularly harsh on our bodies (and if you like the sunshine and warmth maybe your spirit too). During winter our bodies tend to crave warm comforting foods and it is natural for us to store fat.

As the end of winter approaches we might be feeling a bit “heavier” then usual and our bodies may be depleted in energy. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is part of our bodies natural way of being. Instead of criticizing ourselves for putting on those extra winter pounds, let’s set a goal for ourselves to enter spring feeling replenished and restored.

So, how can we do that? Here are some simple ways to release that extra winter weight and feel better about our bodies.

Cleanse Your Body

To cleanse your body, give it a break from rich and complicated foods by either cleansing or fasting for a short period of time. Cleansing means paring down your food to just simple fruits and vegetables, lots of water and perhaps whole grains. Fasting means limiting most foods and drinking lots of water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, teas and soups. Cleansing and fasting can sharpen your concentration, help you gain insight and promote spiritual awareness. It can also bring improved immune function and better digestion.

Move Your Body

We all know how important exercise is in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, but movement is also a great way to cultivate more energy. Exercise stimulates adrenaline in our body. This leads to major shift in our energy.  If you’re looking to increase your energy and shed extra pounds start moving your body NOW!

Drink More Water

During winter we tend to get more dehydrated. This can manifest in many ways, but most often it can lead to a decrease in energy or even mild hunger. Making sure you drink enough water is essential for nourishing yourself and balancing the body.

Get More Sleep

Most of us are sleep deprived.  When our bodies are tired and in need of rest we experience more stress and our blood sugar levels fluctuate very easily.  This causes our body to be depleted of energy.  Many of us feel guilty for taking the time we need to rest and restore, however it essential for our health.  Most of us need at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night to help balance our energy levels throughout the day.

Cleanse Your Mind

As you know I believe that we cannot have a healthy body without having a positive mindset. Use this opportunity to throw away negative thoughts and habits you’ve been harboring that no longer serve you. A clean, open heart will allow you to receive all the good that awaits you each and every day. If your heart and mind are cluttered, there is no room for life’s gifts and surprises to enter.

While we transition between seasons our bodies naturally want to become more balanced.  Cleansing our bodies and minds, even for a short period of time, can have a tremendous impact on our overall well-being.  This can be overwhelming or seem scary if you are unsure what to do. If you are in need of support or simply curious how you can cleanse the body then contact me for more info!


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